French semester courses


Upon arrival at our school, you will set up a schedule during the guidance interview. A teacher will help you choose your classes, taking all of the following into account: your level, the appointed number of hours in your program and your goals.
• Between 3 and 24 hours a week
• 15 weeks of classes
• A minimum of twelve hours is required for beginners and levels A1 and A2


French language

    • General French
      All levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)
    • Spoken French
      All levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)

Understanding a variety of listening documents and expressing oneself in various situations.

  • Written French
    All levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)
    Understanding and writing gradually more difficult texts.
  • Phonetics
    All levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)
    Furthering your oral understanding of French, learning to pronounce what is written, and write what is heard.
  • French for religious
    All levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)
    Oral and written French for religious and laypersons

Culture and civilization classes

A2 level and above
Topics: art history, literature, cinema, fashion, the Parisian lifestyle, French culture and customs, media, etc.
This course covers all aspects of French culture. The thirty-some classes offered range across a variety of topics: different eras in French history, great French writers, French art, French cuisine, fashion, the Parisian lifestyle, songs, cinema, etc.

Some periods of history are treated by specialty (18th century literature and 19th century novels in the literature classes for example).

This diversity is very important. If you study at the ILCF for several semesters you will always find a new class to broaden your knowledge.

Business French

Level B1 or above
This course is designed for people aiming to apply for a job or do an internship in France. They are also suitable for students or spouses of an expatriate. They focus, among other things, on French companies’ organization and communication in a professional environment.

These classes prepare for the Professional French Diploma (DFP) delivered by the Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Ile-de-France).

CECR – globalscale

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