French short programs

January 2017

 General French Language 4 to 31 January  84h 916€

May 2017

General French Language 3 to 30 May 84h 916€

June 2017

General French Language 6 to 30 June 84h 924€

July 2017

General French Language 3 to 28 July 60h 660€
84h 924€

August 2017

General French Language 2 to 30 August 60h

Preparation for enrolling at university (September only)

You’ve been accepted into a French university and want to get up to speed before your course starts. This program is for you! In three intensive weeks, you will learn all about university techniques and brush up your French.

What do we do…?

• In writing class: learn about taking notes, writing summaries, overviews and essays
• In speaking class: learn to speak, do presentations and debate



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